What’s Your Pulse?

What’s Your Pulse?

We believe in building a culture of wellness by providing programs to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. This means you have access to helpful and cost-effective resources, are empowered to use these resources to take responsibility for your health, and feel supported in your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The What’s Your Pulse Wellness Program is 100% customizable to meet each of your needs. If you want to lose weight, improve your organizational skills, or work on your finances, there are different programs to help you accomplish these goals. This is a perfect way to improve your overall wellness while earning the wellness credit.

There are two components to the What’s Your Pulse? program:

  1. Completing blood work at the Wellness Center.Your spouse may also need to complete blood work if they are covered on your medical insurance.
  2. Reaching Level 3 in the Virgin Pulse program.

Please see the attached documents to the right for additional information on the program on how to join Virgin Pulse.

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